MedGardens Project

The project MedGardens holds the potential for protecting and preserving natural marine resources by promoting regenerative and sustainable uses from a viable economic approach.

The MedGardens are small plots of shallow coastal seabeds (ca. 25 sqm) where seagrass and algae (macrophytes) are transplanted or reinforced. These spaces become social and scientific stations where citizens and scientists converge. When macrophyte communities are regenerated and preserved, they create new habitats where other animal and plant species can thrive, contributing to the increase of biodiversity and the ecosystem’s resilience & amplifying the ecosystem services to society.

MedGardens' activities contribute to 5 purposes:

    • Bring people closer to the sea through marine citizen science and collaborative management and custody of small coastal shallow areas, aiming to contribute to sustainable development.
    • Improve marine environmental quality, essential for the development of the local blue economy.
    • Provision sustainable and innovative managerial tools.
    • Generation and preservation of fish nurseries.
    • One of the first blue carbon traders in the Mediterranean, contributing to the mitigation of climate change impacts.

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