Nautical sustainability is a challenge for the entire yacht industry and one of the main topics on international exhibitions & trade fairs. New technologies to improve electric, hybrid and zero-emission engines with the aim of better protecting the environment and reducing the overall negative impact of the industry are currently undergoing further development. To achieve a complete transformation of the industry is probably taking some time, but it is crucial to already see a positive tendency and an increase of awareness for this topic, especially within our destinations.

We are conscious of the negative CO2 emissions of this service and therefore are currently developing a concept that allows us to compensate for all emissions caused during yacht charters in support of the MedGardens project. Moreover, to generate further positive effects on our immediate ecological and social environment YachtXperiences supports the state-recognised, Cleanwave Foundation and it's non-profit project Both projects share a common fascination for the Balearic Islands, the Mediterranean Sea and the protection and regeneration of its biodiversity.

Furthermore, yacht charters will be supplemented with environmental education material to inform visitors about the importance of marine protected areas, protection of posidonia meadows and preservation of the natural heritage on the islands. Apart from this, guests can upgrade their charter with a conscious environmental education activity related to the MedGardens project, learn more about the topic and actively participate in the preservation and regeneration of the Mediterranean sea.

Additionally, YachtXperiences follows the same overall sustainable business approach as its parent company LifeXperiences. Find out more.